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Avalon Wood Doors Wood Door Fitting, Hanging, & Maintenance

Fitting and Hanging
*When hanging door, allow adequate clearance for swelling of door or frame in damp weather. Allow approximately 3/18" clearance for swelling when the door is installed in fully dry conditions. Jambs must be plumb.
*Do not cut panel doors down in height by more than 2" (13.16" maximum from top). Care should be taken in cutting panel doors down in width to avoid exposing engineered components. Use sharp fine tooth saw for trimming ends of doors.
*Caution must be used to avoid impairing the strength of the door when fitting for locks. Allow at least 1" of wood back of mortise.
*Use three hinges on doors up to 7' in height and four hinges on doors over 7'. Hinges must be set in a straight line to prevent distortion.
*Jambs and stops must be set square and plumb.
*For best performance, any exterior door should be installed under an overhang or with protection. If an overhang is not feasible, finishing the door in a light color will prevent excess heat build-up in the door.
*Immediately after cutting and fitting (before hanging), seal all cut surfaces and ends of door with an effective quality sealer. See exterior finishing recommendation for complete instructions.
*Prior to exterior exposure, doors should be finished with complete finish system.
*To minimize heat loss and save energy, use weather stripping.

Your Vision Products door has been handcrafted to last for years to come. But, like any fine piece of furniture, its finish will require some simple, periodic maintenance to keep it looking great and provide proper protection against the elements. Regular finish maintenance is also a requirement of the warranty that's included with every Vision door.

Here are some signs to watch for. They indicate that it's time for some simple, easy-to-perform maintenance:

1. Hairline cracks in the top coat of finish.
2. Changes in the color of the finish.
3. Changes in the texture of the finish (flaking,scaling)
4. Dullness or chalkiness in the finish.

If you live in a severe climate or your entry receives a lot of direct sunlight from a southern or western exposure, you'll want to examine the door's finish often. Depending on the conditions, you may also need to refinish the door more frequently.

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