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Vision Products Industries, Ltd. (VPI) warrants, subject to the condition and restrictions stated below, that the VPI wood doors using engineered stiles when properly installed and maintained, will be free from manufacturing defects, including panel splits, under normal conditions of ordinary wear, for two years This warranty applies to doors properly sealed, finished and hung in a location protected from exposure to direct sun or rain under normal conditions. This limited warranty is made and extends only to the original purchaser of the door (whether a distributor, dealer, contractor or owner) and the owner occupying single family residence at the time of the initial installation. It may not be assigned or transferred and shall not extend to subsequent owners. This warranty excludes the following characteristics: damage caused by attempts other than VPI to repair the door, natural variations in the color or texture of the door, failure to seal the door properly (all edges must be sealed immediately after hanging), and/or damage caused by improper handling or storage.


VPI will warrant TruSeal (swiggle) insulated glass glazed into VPI wood doors for twenty years the date stamped on the glass. Under normal conditions, VPI warrants there will be no material obstruction of vision through the unit due to accumulation of dust, moisture, or film formation on the internal surface of the glass caused by failure of the units insulating edge seal due to defects in material or workmanship. This warranty specifically excludes defects or damage attributable to installation, normal weathering atmosphere pollutants, mildew buildup, misuse, abuse, glass breakage, installation into a sloped glazing application, refrigeration system, solar collector, swimming pool or spa enclosure, application subject to abnormal stresses and excessive temperature differentials, settlement of the building, failure of the structure, the Owners failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance of the product, earthquakes and/or other acts of God.

Any claim requires an inspection by an authorized agent of VPI. !f it is determined that the claim is valid in accordance with the provisions of this warranty, VPI agrees, as its option, to either refund the original selling price of the door or replace the door, as originally sold by VPI!, without charge, to the shipping point nearest the point of purchase. The warranty on the replacement unit shall extend only for the balance of the warranty period applicable to the original unit. This warranty does not cover any charges for labor, installation, finishing or any other incidental costs related thereto of either the original or replacement product or any replacement part.

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